Hospitals and health facilities are among the most complex structures to build, and the systems to support them require specialized knowledge and expertise. With more than 30 years of experience in healthcare, RTM understands the guiding principles of exceptional patient care, efficient configuration, and maintainable operations and how those translate into the design process.

The firm’s team of experts recognizes every design decision they make has an impact on patient care, facilities, and cost. RTM takes care of the facility the way healthcare providers care for their patients, by employing an engineering strategy focused on listening, learning and challenging.


Effective MEP design allows healthcare providers to focus not only on delivering high-quality and personalized patient care, but also on providing easily maintainable and energy-efficient operations to realize cost savings. With that in mind, RTM’s healthcare engineering design philosophy is built on the foundation of evidence-based design with a focus on patient-centered care.

The firm works with hospital staff and architects to provide engineering designs that help users provide care more efficiently with a continuous emphasis on raising the quality of care, helping prevent the spread of infections, reducing energy usage through the use of energy efficient systems and sustainable energy, and providing utilities and systems that will withstand and be operational in case of natural disasters or emergencies.

RTM sees themselves as an extension of the team, as support staff that help healthcare providers achieve their vision, uphold their values and fulfill their mission to their patients.


RTM’s engineering approach is built on flexibility and adaptability by utilizing modular systems where available, such as patient headwalls, ductwork, plumbing, fire protection and cable trays. The team also reviews the facility’s future needs and builds in future capacity of systems and simplifies maintenance through the standardization of systems and components.

RTM continuously assesses the latest trends in healthcare and cutting edge solutions to achieve innovative yet practical designs for the project at hand. Utilizing BIM for MEP/FP design and coordination aides in the manufacturing of components that can be prefabricated offsite. This allows for designing in open areas for future routing of systems and provides easy access for maintenance.

Whether it is varying codes from state to state, working within existing conditions, or accommodating the specific needs of hospital staff, RTM understands and meets the unique challenges of healthcare.